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February 19, 2016 – The NH Liberty Party, formed in September 2012, held its third annual convention during the New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Manchester, NH.

Party members voted to adopt a pair of bylaws amendments; the first of which modified the time period in which membership could be renewed. The second bylaws modification changed the requirement that the convention coincide with the NH Liberty Forum, and provides that “The NHLP Annual Convention shall take place during the first quarter of each year at a time and place chosen by the State Committee which shall provide at least 30 days notice to all members.”

Co-chairs Darryl W. Perry and Ian Freeman both expressed support for getting new people in leadership roles to advance the party message. Rob Mathias was nominated, however he declined nomination as a leadership role in a political organization could threaten the tax exempt status of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, Rob serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
Darryl W. Perry, Bruno Parga and Ian Freeman were elected by acclamation.

The membership voted to officially endorse the campaigns of Ian Freeman for Governor of New Hampshire, and Darryl W. Perry for President.
Freeman will be running in the Democratic Party Primary for Governor, and Perry is seeking the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination.

Members also adopted a pair of resolutions.
NHLP membership authorizes and directs the State Committee to adopt a resolution urging the national Liberty Party to adopt a platform plank advocating secession, and adopt a bylaw specifying that state affiliates must have a platform plank advocating secession. If the national Liberty Party complies with this request, the NHLP State Committee is authorized to seek affiliation with the national Liberty Party.

NHLP State Committee will coordinate with other secessionist groups to host a secession conference in New Hampshire on January 20, 2017.