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The New Hampshire Liberty Party was formed to promote independence from the federal government and for the individual.  NHLP candidates will promote the idea of NH seceding from the federal government and also support individual liberty.

The NH Liberty Party was officially organized on September 1, 2012.

You can contact the party’s co-chairs via email at lpnhxcom at

Visit the NH Liberty Party facebook page here.


Plank 0: Declaring Independence for NH and Personally
NH Liberty Party members support immediate secession from the organization known as “the United States”. Politically, the organization known as “The State of New Hampshire” should declare independence from US rule and open its borders to all peaceful people wishing to make a better life for themselves and escape worldwide oppression. Personally, NH Liberty Party members support individuals declaring independence from the same “United States” and any other aggressive organizations regardless if they call themselves a “state”, “city”, “town”, etc.

Plank 1: Self-determination
NH Liberty Party members believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and have unalienable rights to life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.

Plank 2: Non-aggression
NH Liberty Party members oppose aggression and fraud. Individuals should honor their neighbors’ peaceful choices, and allow them to be free. Individuals should honor their agreements and do no harm to others.

Plank 3: Crime
All peaceful prisoners should be released, so long as their “crime” does not have a victim. Police should no longer be considered “law enforcement” officers, and instead be “peace officers”. Police should no longer arrest or ticket people for crimes with no victim, and such “crimes” should be eliminated from state statutes and local ordinances.

Plank 4: Voluntary interaction
NH Liberty Party members support voluntary interaction and oppose all coercive forms of taxation and government subsidies, entitlement programs and non-voluntary forms of welfare.