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As adopted at the Organizational Meeting held on September 1, 2012
and Amended at the Annual Conventions on February 23, 2013, February 22, 2014, and March 6, 2015

Article 1 Name, Organization, Purpose & Platform

  1. Name: The name of this organization shall be “NH Liberty Party” and is referred to as “NHLP”.
  2. Organization: NHLP shall be a Voluntary Association formed by mutual consent under common law acting as a Political Organization.
  3. Purpose: The purpose of NHLP is to run candidates for public office who agree with the platform.
  4. Platform:
    Plank 0: Declaring Independence for NH and Personally – NH Liberty Party members support immediate secession from the organization known as “the United States”. Politically, the organization known as “The State of New Hampshire” should declare independence from US rule and open its borders to all peaceful people wishing to make a better life for themselves and escape worldwide oppression. Personally, NH Liberty Party members support individuals declaring independence from the same “United States” and any other aggressive organizations regardless if they call themselves a “state”, “city”, “town”, etc.
    Plank 1: Self-determination – NH Liberty Party members believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and have unalienable rights to life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.
    Plank 2: Non-aggression – NH Liberty Party members oppose aggression and fraud. Individuals should honor their neighbors’ peaceful choices, and allow them to be free. Individuals should honor their agreements and do no harm to others.
    Plank 3: Crime – All peaceful prisoners should be released, so long as their “crime” does not have a victim. Police should no longer be considered “law enforcement” officers, and instead be “peace officers”. Police should no longer arrest or ticket people for crimes with no victim, and such “crimes” should be eliminated from state statutes and local ordinances.
    Plank 4: Voluntary Interaction – NH Liberty Party members support voluntary interaction and oppose all coercive forms of taxation and government subsidies, entitlement programs and non-voluntary forms of welfare.
  5. This article, the name of the organization, purpose, and the platform shall be perpetual and unmodifiable except by 100% of voting members at the annual convention.

Article 2 Membership

  1. Members of the Party shall be those persons who have certified in writing or via electronic registration that they support the Party’s platform.
  2. No dues or other payment shall be required for membership in the Party.
  3. All members shall renew their membership in writing or via electronic means, not more than 120 days before beginning of the Annual Convention.
  4. Revocation of membership: The NHLP State Committee shall, by a unanimous vote of the State Committee, have the authority to publicly repudiate, and revoke the membership of, any Party member whose policy positions or personal actions are repugnant to the platform.

Article 3 State Committee

  1. Officers: The NHLP State Committee shall consist of the Three (3) Co-chairs. Each person serving on the NHLP State Committee shall be entitled to one vote.
  2. Election: Members of the State Committee shall be elected at-large via approval voting by the members at the Annual Convention of Members.
  3. Number: The number of officers may be subject to modification at the Annual Convention of Members, but shall number at least three.
  4. Removal: The State Committee may, for cause specified in writing and including particulars, suspend any officer by unanimous consent of the entire committee excepting the officer whose suspension is under consideration.
  5. Authority: The NHLP State Committee shall govern the NHLP and shall make all decisions regarding its operation.
  6. Quorum: Quorum for meetings of the NHLP State Committee shall be a majority of the number of individuals actually serving on the NHLP State Committee.
  7. Parliamentary Procedure: The rules of parliamentary procedure shall be established informally by custom or formally through adoption by the NHLP State Committee.
  8. Term of Office: All State Committee Officers shall serve from their election at the Annual Convention of Members until their successors are elected at the next Annual Convention of Members.
  9. Vacancies: In the case of a vacancy the two remaining co-chairs shall appoint a member to fill-in until the next Convention.
  10. Endorsements/Nominations: No candidate shall be endorsed or nominated by the NHLP State Committee who is not a member of the party, and shall only be endorsed or nominated by unanimous consent.

Article 4 Committees

  1. Committees: The NHLP State Committee may establish Special Committees from time to time as it sees fit. The NHLP State Committee shall appoint a member in good standing to chair each Special Committee and that chair shall then have the power to appoint members of the NHLP to serve on that committee.

Article 5: Annual Convention of Members

  1. Time: The NHLP Annual Convention shall take place during first quarter of each year at a time and place chosen by the State Committee which shall provide at least 30 days notice to all members.
  2. Quorum: Quorum at the Annual Convention of Members shall be three-fifths (3/5) of the entire State Committee. Any member of the State Committee who is unable to physically attend may teleconference into the convention.
  3. Actions: NHLP members participating in the Annual Convention of Members shall, by approval voting, elect the State Co-Chairs. Any Co-Chair positions remaining vacant after the adjournment of the Annual Convention of Members shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Article 3, Section 9.
  4. Nominations for Co-Chair shall be held immediately before the election. Any party member in good standing shall be eligible if nominated and seconded. Any member not present may be nominated, if a member not present at the convention wins election, that member shall have seven days to accept the position; if the position is not accepted, the next highest vote-getter will assume the position.
  5. Members of the NHLP may nominate candidates for public office during the annual convention, other candidates may be endorsed or nominated at a later date by the State Committee in accordance with Article 3 Section 10. All candidates nominated must be members of the NHLP.

Article 6 Bylaw Amendments

  1. Proposal: Any member may propose an amendment to the bylaws, which must be seconded before being brought to a vote.
  2. Adoption: Amendments to these bylaws may be adopted if approved by a 2/3 majority of voting members at the annual convention.
  3. Any grammatical errors may be fixed without need for adoption of amendment.

Article 7 Monies and Physical Assets

  1. The NHLP and/or State Committee shall not maintain a bank account or treasury, solicit or accept financial contributions, or make expenditures for any purpose.
  2. The web site shall be located at and shall be owned and maintained by the State Committee or their designee.
  3. Any expenditures made by party members or officers of the State Committee are the responsibility of the individual and should not be construed as being an expenditure of the NHLP.

NHLP State Committee officers elected or appointed at the Organizational Meeting held on September 1, 2012 shall serve until their successors are elected or appointed at the Annual Convention of Members held during the first quarter of 2013 pursuant to the provisions set forth in Article 5, Section 1 of these bylaws.