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Ian Freeman for NH Senate District 10

Ian Freeman Peaceful EvolutionVote FREEMAN for NH Senate District 10 in the Republican Primary on September 13th!

NH Senate District 10 includes the towns of Alstead, Chesterfield, Dublin, Hancock, Harrisville, Keene, Marlborough, Nelson, Peterborough, Roxbury, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey, Walpole, and Westmoreland.

Major Campaign Issues

  • Secede from the United States
  • End All Prohibition of Victimless “Crimes”
  • Make Taxes Voluntary

Campaign News

About Me

Hello, I’m Ian Freeman.  I’m a nationally syndicated talk radio host and I’m running for NH Senate District 10 as a Republican, though I am actually a Libertarian, which means I think you should be free to live life how you want, so long as you don’t aggress against others.  I’m one of the co-chairs of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. One of my main campaign platforms is that prohibition doesn’t work.  New Hampshire has already taken some baby steps in the right direction on this issue by legalizing medicinal cannabis and slightly decriminalizing it for personal use. We need to go all the way and end cannabis prohibitions and all other prohibitions of victimless, consensual activities. Prohibitions are contrary to freedom.

As a Libertarian, I’m pro-peace.  Therefore, New Hampshire needs to throw off the destructive, deadly, evil federal government – no matter which party is in charge of it.  NH independence is an idea that’s time has come again.  This time it needs to be done peacefully and as soon as possible.  The State of New Hampshire already refuses federal money on the seatbelt issue, and I’d like to see them “just say NO” to the federal government more often, all the way until the state legislature or the people themselves finally votes to secede.

Regardless of whether NH can quickly secede from the U.S. the State itself ought to significantly reform its violent ways by ending coercive taxation. Government is force and as a Libertarian, I’m in favor of the Non Aggression Principle which says that it’s not okay to threaten your peaceful neighbors, even if it’s for a supposedly good cause. Most of us would never consider threatening other people to force them to do what we want them to do, so why is it okay when a group of people calling themselves “government” do it? Voting doesn’t make aggressive violence okay. In order to reform in favor of peace, the State of New Hampshire needs to make all its funding methods (taxes) voluntary.

Of course, that all presumes I could take office without swearing the NH oath of office. As a secessionist, I couldn’t possible swear allegiance to the federal government, as the oath requires. Further, as someone against the coercive state, I cannot swear an oath to the state government either, so unless I can take office by affirming a commitment to liberty, rather than the state, I can’t likely take office.

My Positions on Other Issues

Questions?  Contact me:

Feel free to reach out to me via phone or email at 603-513-2449 or ian at

Get Campaign Updates!

Thanks for your interest in my campaign. I’ll be posting campaign updates via and my Mastodon and  Twitter account. Alternately, you can check back here on this page to the Campaign News section above, which I’ll keep updated throughout.

Not accepting contributions.

I have no plans to waste anyone’s money on the hole that is the political process.  If you want to support what I do, please donate to my radio show’s AMPS program here for as little as $5 a month. That money is spent on advertising, marketing, and promoting my show, which is a far more effective way to spread pro-liberty ideas than throwing money at political signs and other campaign stuff.

Previous Campaign News Archive:

In 2020 I ran as a Republican for NH Representative Cheshire District 16.  It was a short campaign but I did have the chance to participate in Americans for Tax Reform’s 2020 “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.

In 2018 I ran as a Libertarian for NH Senate District 10. Here’s an archive of the media and interest group responses of mine from that year:

In 2014 and 2016 I ran for governor in the Democratic primary, since the Libertarians didn’t have full ballot access at the time. Here are some of the media I appeared in during those campaigns: