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March 6, 2015 – The NH Liberty Party, formed in September 2012, held its third annual convention during the New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Manchester, NH. The 2015 Annual Convention was well attended, with a total of 15 attendees, 8 of whom were party members.

Party members voted to officially make a single change to the party bylaws, which allows the co-chairs of the party to make grammatical changes to the bylaws without need for adoption of amendment. The intent of the bylaw modification was to correct a single spelling error within the bylaws. The bylaws change was adopted unanimously.

Party members also elected a new State Committee. Four candidates were nominated for the three co-chair seats. Co-founders Ian Freeman and Darryl W. Perry were re-elected with 8 votes, Conan Salada was elected to a seat he once held with 7 votes, and Howard Wilson received 2 votes. The new State Committee would like to thank Jason Denonville for his year of service on the State Committee.