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2015 Annual Convention

In accordance with Article 5 of the bylaws of the NH Liberty Party, the NHLP Annual Convention shall take place during the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum in the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. This year, the convention will be held on Friday March 6 from 11a-noon. During the 2015 annual convention, NH Liberty members will meet to elect a new State Committee which consists of 3 Co-Chairs. Additionally, NHLP members may wish to amend the bylaws. Unlike other Party conventions, Robert’s Rules will not be mentioned and the platform will not be modified!

The NHLP convention is open to the public, however only NHLP members may participate in the convention. Members of the media are encouraged to attend. Attendance to the the Liberty Forum is not required to attend the NHLP Annual Convention. The NHLP convention will take place in The Armory of the Radisson Hotel in Manchester.

Membership Renewal Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that your membership with the NH Liberty Party may need to be renewed. Article 2 of the NHLP bylaws state: “No dues or other payment shall be required for membership in the Party.
All members shall renew their membership in writing or via electronic means, between January 1 of each calendar year and the beginning of the Annual Convention.”
If you wish to renew your membership, please fill out this form OR send an email to