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NHLP: Giving Voters Another Option

On October 14, the NH Liberty Party officially nominated a presidential ticket of Dale “NOTA” Everett & Emberlea “Liberty” McCulligh. The idea was to allow voters to vote for “None of the Above” (NOTA) or “Liberty” and have those votes counted. A decision was made to select candidates to be stand-in’s for “NOTA” & “Liberty.” The NHLP’s Presidential Ticket will not be on the ballot due to New Hampshire’s strict ballot access rules. However voters will be able to cast a write-in vote for “NOTA” or “Liberty” and under State & Federal law, that vote MUST be tabulated and filed with the National Archivist.

On October 15, the slate of electors was sent via Certified Mail to the Secretary of State and emailed to the Elections Division of the Secretary of State. According to the Postal Service tracking system the certified letter “was delivered at 11:41 am on October 16, 2012 in CONCORD, NH 03301.”

The Nashua Patch & have both recently published LTE’s advocating for NOTA. You can read that letter here.

Bob Robertson replaced Dale Everett on the ticket on October 19.

NHLP Files a Slate of Electors

contact: Darryl W. Perry 202-709-4377

Keene, NH – The NH Liberty Party has filed a slate of electors with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

While 35 States currently require a declaration of intent from those wishing to be write-in candidates, New Hampshire is among the states without write-in declarations. Even though all write-in votes are considered valid, they are not always counted.

NH Liberty Party News

contact: Darryl W. Perry 202-709-4377

Keene, NH – On September 1, 2012 the NH Liberty Party held an organizational meeting. During this meeting the bylaws of the party were adopted. Included in the adopted bylaws is a five plank platform that can never be modified.

The NH Liberty Party supports secession for New Hampshire and believe individuals have the same right to declare themselves independent from any government. The NH Liberty Party Platform states the party’s support of individual rights, the principle of non-aggression and voluntary interaction. The Party also support repealing all laws that create “crimes” without a victim and believe “All peaceful prisoners should be released, so long as their ‘crime’ does not have a victim.”

The State Committee for the NH Liberty Party consists of three co-chairs. The co-chairs on the State Committee are Ian Freeman, Conan Salada and Darryl W. Perry.

Ian Freeman is a co-host on the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live and owner of the blog Conan Salada is an artist and a producer and editor of Shire TV. Darryl W. Perry is the Owner and Managing Editor of Free Press Publications and the former Chair of the Boston Tea Party National Committee. All three co-chairs moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project.