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Ian Freeman’s Responses to Keene Sentinel Questionnaire for School Board Candidates

I’m running for Keene school board again as a member of the NH Liberty Party and have been given the usual questionnaire by the Keene Sentinel.

Please see the answers on my candidate’s page here at

Please vote Freeman for school board on March 11th. Here’s information about where to vote:

Wards 1, 2 & 3 vote at the Keene Recreation Center, 312 Washington Street
Wards 4 & 5 vote at the First Baptist Church, 105 Maple Avenue

2014 NHLP Annual Convention

The 2014 NH Liberty Party Annual Convention is coming up, and will once again be held in the Boardroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Saturday of the New Hampshire Liberty Forum from 4:45-6:15pm.

Per the NHLP Bylaws:
Article 5: Annual Convention of Members
1. Time: The NHLP Annual Convention shall take place during the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum.
2. Attendance: Attendance to the Liberty Forum is not required to attend the NHLP Annual Convention.

During the convention, party members may propose amendments to the bylaws, nominate candidates, propose resolutions, and will elect 3 Co-Chairs.

The NHLP convention is open to the public, however only NHLP members may participate in the convention. Members of the media are encouraged to attend.

Announcing the Keene Liberty Alliance

The NH Liberty Party announces the creation of the Keene Liberty Alliance!   The Keene Liberty Alliance is intended to facilitate political action in Keene among liberty-oriented individuals. Such action includes fielding candidates, speaking at city meetings, petitioning, and other inside-the-system activism.

The group includes a facebook group for local activists.  It also features an announcement-only email list and will actively add emails from interested community members.

NH Liberty Party Candidates Enter Keene Municipal Election

New Hampshire Liberty Party co-chairs Darryl W. Perry, Ian Freeman, and Conan Salada are all running for office in the Keene 2013 municipal election! You can see their individual campaign pages for media appearances and more on their campaigns:

NH Liberty Party Commercials Now Airing on LRN.FM

Listeners to LRN.FM, the Liberty Radio Network will now be hearing advertisements for the NH Liberty Party. Longtime liberty activists will recognize the classic commercial as the Libertarian Party’s old “Battered Voter” ad from the Harry Browne campaign. Big thanks to Doug Scribner, one of the producers of the commercial, who sent it to me with the intention it be repurposed.

Of course, those longtime liberty activists know that the LP is a shadow of its former self – they have lost their principle. That is one of the reasons we formed the NH Liberty Party – to once again have a principled voice for liberty and also now secession, in the political realm.

Three NH Liberty Party Candidates File for Keene School Board 2013

The entire executive committee of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, Ian Freeman, Darryl Perry, and Conan Salada have all filed for the three available school board seats in Keene. They will face six opponents in the March 12th election.

Campaign pages for: Ian Freeman, Darryl W. Perry and Conan Salada (coming soon). Watch this blog for updates, or follow on Facebook.