Ian Freeman for NH Governor 2016

Ian Freeman Rainbow HatVote FREEMAN for Governor in the Democratic Primary on Sept 13th, 2016!

  • Legalize/Decriminalize Cannabis and End Enforcement of Victimless Crimes
  • Secede from the United States
  • Make Ballot Access Equal for All
  • Make Taxes Voluntary

Campaign News

About Me

Hello, I’m Ian Freeman.  I’m a nationally syndicated talk radio host and I’m running for Governor in the democratic primary.  I’m one of the co-chairs of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. Like many democrats, (not the politicians) I care about people, like those put behind bars for victimless crimes like cannabis possession.  As governor, I’ll pardon all victimless criminals as one of my first acts.

As a democrat, I’m pro-peace.  Therefore, New Hampshire needs to throw off the destructive, deadly, pro-corporate influences and rules of the federal government.  NH independence is an idea that’s time has come again.  This time it needs to be done peacefully and as soon as possible.  As governor, I want to break all contact with the federal government by all NH’s executive agencies.  I will encourage the state legislature to say “NO” to federal money (bribery) dangled in front of us to obtain the obedience of the State of NH to their dictates.  The State of New Hampshire already refuses federal money on the seatbelt issue, and I’d like to see them “just say NO” to the federal government more often, all the way until the state legislature finally votes to secede.

Finally, I’d really like to see ballot access fairness in New Hampshire.  It’s sad that third parties are kept off the ballot by being forced to jump through ridiculous hoops with insane petition signature requirements.  This results in fewer choices for voters and fewer ideas in the debates.  We all lose as a result.  Republican and democratic state representative candidates need only pay $2 to file for office, while third party members are required to collect 150 petition signatures – a costly and time-consuming process.  To qualify for governor as a third-party candidate requires 3,000 signatures!  All ballot requirements should be the same across-the-board, no matter the party.

Of course, that all presumes I could take office without swearing the NH oath of office. As a secessionist, I couldn’t possible swear allegiance to the federal government, as the oath requires. Further, as a voluntarist, I cannot swear an oath to the state government either, so unless I can take office by affirming a commitment to liberty, not the state, I can’t likely take office. Of course NH would still be better off with no governor at all!

Other Issues

Regarding other issues, please see the NH Liberty Party platform.

Questions?  Contact me:

Feel free to reach out to me via phone or email at 603-513-2449 or ian at freetalklive.com

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I have no plans to waste anyone’s money on the hole that is the political process.  If you would like to show your appreciation for my efforts in getting out the message of liberty, please contribute to the Shire Free Church via bitcoin here: 1G3rRqAoAmJubtqRbwTbWsCxVrL377ABWd

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